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Tripple Overtime: Michael Phelps vs. Great White Shark vs. Vegas... vs. Tripple OT?

Whenever the last Olympics was, that’s when I wrote about the time I sort-of ate sushi with Michael Phelps.

Tripple Overtime — The Tribe Top 10: Spring 2017 without spaghetti and meatballs

We almost had to call the spring edition of the “Tribe Top 10” the “Tribe Top 20.”

Tripple Overtime: Lead on Coach Ayers and Coach McBride, you will be missed

Three years ago, the Indians got a girls’ lacrosse team. Two years ago, they got a coach.

Tripple Overtime: Is this spring named Mick Jagger? ’Cause the milestones are Rolling

Call me Jack Flash, because I’ve been Jumpin’ from one school to the next, one game to the next, one Ruby Tuesday to the next, all spring, trying to keep up with all the new records set and milestones surpassed on the local sports scene.

Tripple Overtime: Practice and plays just crazy enough to work 60 percent of the time, all the time

We had this super-secret-type play during my days on the middle-school lacrosse fields at St. James Academy.

Tripple Overtime: These NFL teams should consider these fictional movie characters in the upcoming NFL Draft

You know that guy with the hair and the glasses that’s always on ESPN, talking about which teams should take what players in the NFL Draft, even when it’s like, half a calendar year or so off from actually going down? Well that guy’s name is Mel Kiper Jr., and I met him one time.

Tripple Overtime: Strange superstitions Pt. II in honor of Makenzie Collins’ lucky glove (RIP)

I was standing on the sidelines, trying to keep potential line drives coming off the bat of Indian River High School sophomore 1B Samantha Mayfield from eliminating my own personal map, when IR senior shortstop Makenzie Collins’ glove… kind of died.

Tripple Overtime: In hindsight, Pepsi should have probably used Ricky Bobby to save the world instead of a Kardashian

It’s a very Ripley’s type of a thing because, believe it or not, Pepsi Co. seems to think that only the exact thing wrong with the world can save the world, from all the things that are exactly wrong with it (it being the world).

Tripple Overtime: ‘Umbrellalypse Now’ (Sherry Brannon sells hotdogs, and also umbrellas, by the seashore)

The following is based on a true story… loosely. [Editor’s note: When Tripp says “loosely,” he means “very loosely,” as in “not at all relating the reality of the actual situation.”]

Tripple Overtime: Kyrie and Shaq think the earth is flat, and so can you (science is a liar sometimes)

I’m not going to stand here and present some egghead scientific argument based on fact. I’m just a regular dude. I like to watch football, quote Chevy Chase movies and crank the radio when Motley Crüe comes on. Rock, flag and eagle, if you know what I mean.

Tripple Overtime: ‘The Return of Captain Blood’ and other R. Chris Clark-less spring stories

It’s a phrase I never imagined I’d be able to use with a straight face: “Man — I could really use the help of R. Chris Clark right about now.”

Tripple Overtime: How Emilio Estevez may or may not have inspired female hockey players from the Middle East and/or everywhere

Emilio Estevez. You either love him, hate him, are completely indifferent to him, are somewhat indifferent to him, have another unspecified opinion of varying nature about him, or have no idea who he is. He’s just one of those classic ’80s movies stars where there is no in-between.

Tripple Overtime: The Tribe Top Five (Winter sports 2017 edition)

With the Indian River High School boys’ basketball team set to make their first state tournament appearance since 2014, winter sports certainly aren’t over yet.

Tripple Overtime: Voting ‘yes’ on IRSD referendum kind of important

(If you like local sports, local kids being able to learn stuff/do things)

Calling all tennis players. Calling all golfers ready for shotgun starts. Calling all shuffle-board players, 5K runners, jazzercise jazzers, yoga’ed-out yogis, grayed-out barrel-riders, cast-out fish-finders, and even calling all 65-year-old hockey players still carving rink with the best of them (if any of them actually happen to exist, aside from Selbyville’s Lee Stanley). Most definitely calling Vaughn Baker, the First State Pickleball Club and pickleball players everywhere.

Tripple Overtime: Indians, Golden Knights unified by Unified (The definitive Josh Timmons interview Pt. II)

For basketball fans, or even for fans of just, like, general humanity, it was very exciting. It was very, very exciting.

Tripple Overtime: An apology that Tom Brady will never get, for things he never knew I said in the first place

I guess I don’t really have to offer an apology to Tom Brady. That’s not to say he doesn’t deserve one. I just don’t think he needs it.

Tripple OT: The rigging of the ‘greatest quarterback of all time’ conversation by the Soviet-apologist Vladimir Putin

Disclaimer: The following transcript has been derived from a secret-impromptu-Ocean’s 11-conspiracy-type meeting called by four-time respective Super Bowl champions Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw that involves several other former NFL signal-callers typically mentioned in the “greatest quarterback of all time” conversation, in addition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a misguided attempt by them, as in the quarterbacks, to convince him, as in Putin, to rig Super Bowl LI (51) as he did, allegedly, the 2016 United States presidential election and also, allegedly, Super Bowl XLII, when the Patriots lost to the Giants on that crazy David Tyree helmet catch, and so, but anyway, the meeting was called to make sure that Tom Brady does not become the only player in NFL history to win five Super Bowl championships, the ramifications of which would most likely finally shed some definitive light on the whole “greatest quarterback of all time” conversation-thing mentioned earlier and be all-together bad news for both Montana and Bradshaw, as well as the other professional leather egg-throwers/co-conspirators in attendance.

Tripple Overtime: No contest for old men? TB12 and the best oldest quarterbacks in Super Bowl history

There’s no question that Tom Brady is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. First-ballot Hall of Fame? You bet.

Tripple Overtime: IR's Marcozzi, Central's Hudson highlight sports greatest paradox

It’s Schrödinger’s cat. Nobody going to a restaurant because it’s too crowded. Pretty much every major plot point in the 1985 American science-fiction adventure-comedy “Back to the Future.”

Tripple Overtime: Cubs visiting White House for Obama’s last week

(And other presidents who did stuff like that)

I remember the last week of school: Getting to use your “senior privileges” to go off-campus for lunch instead of having to stomach whatever Miss Debbie was serving up in the cafeteria that day. Getting to watch the movie “Boiler Room” in economics class instead of having to learn about, like, actual economics. The way how, for the first time in all your 18 years of being a person, it was cool to just do nothing for once.

Tripple Overtime: Teams we’d like to see in Ice Cube’s new 3-on-3 basketball league

You know the guy in all those “Friday” movies? And those “Next Friday” movies? And also those “The Next Friday after the Friday after the last Next Friday following the following Next Friday” movies?

Tripple Overtime: Sussex County Sports Crystal Ball: What to expect when expecting 2K17

In the sort-of-famous words of the Seattle-based 1990’s alt-rock/grunge band and obvious Kurt Cobain wannabes “Alice In Chains”: “Yeah, here comes the rooster, yeah.”

Tripple Overtime: Year in Review: 2016 sports in 2,016 words or less

As the old saying goes, “You’ve gotta spend monkeys to make monkeys.”

Tripple OT: Is Jeff Fisher the Donald Trump of the NFL? One local sports reporter says, ‘Yeah, kind of’ (It’s me)

Jeff Fisher made the move from a city sort of near the “Big Easy” to a city sometimes referred to as the “Big Orange” with only one thing on the agenda: make the Los Angeles Rams great again.

Tripple Overtime: ‘Banquet Crashers’: I got a new shirt last week

What do you like better, Christmas or wedding season? The correct answer would be: banquet season.

There’s nothing like a good misquoted Vince Vaughnism [sic] to send us into the most wonderful time of the year.

Tripple Overtime: The Tribe Top Ten

The best plays from Fall 2016

What… a… season.

While the 2016 fall sports calendar may not have shaken out as planned for a few teams at Indian River High School, this one has certainly been one for the record books for the Tribe.

Tripple Overtime: The ‘Not Top Five’: The best worst sports blunders of fall 2016

While it may be a little early for our “Tribe Top Five” and all the best sports moments from fall 2016, with the Indian River High School soccer team still keeping IR fall sports alive and playing for a shot at the state title, it’s never too early for our ‘Not Top 10” and all the best worst sports moments from the past season involving a certain Coastal Point sports reporter with an inclination toward run-on sentences and Mighty Ducks references.

Tripple Overtime: Can the NFL stop bogarting Instant Replay now because we could kind of use some for field hockey

As a journalist, you’re not allowed to have a rooting interest, specific team-wise, when you’re covering games or writing features or enduring presidential elections, or whatever else.

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