About Us

About Us

The Coastal Point is a local newspaper published each Friday and distributed in the Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick Island, Ocean View, Millville, Dagsboro, Frankford, and Selbyville, Delaware areas.

The Coastal Point is an independent weekly newspaper founded in 2003 in Ocean View, Del., by a group of local newspaper veterans and investors who sought to provide a true voice and information source for the Delaware beach community.

First published Feb. 6, 2004, and every Friday since, the Coastal Point prides itself on in-depth, locally-focused coverage of the events, information and experiences that are important to those who call this area their home, or their home away from home.

From the Indian River Inlet south to Fenwick Island, from Bethany Beach west to Millsboro, and everywhere in between, the Coastal Point strives to bring our readers the most accurate, entertaining and informative newspaper publication in the area.

Whether you live in Ocean View, Frankford or unincorporated parts of Sussex County, such as Clarksville or Sea Colony, you'll find in the Coastal Point the news that matters in your daily life.
Whether you work in South Bethany or in Selbyville, you'll read about what's happening in this community. Whether you're visiting the shore in Bethany Beach or heading to Millville to shop, you'll discover things you never knew and people you wish you did.

Sports fan or "beach potato," artistic visionary or sandcastle aficionado, the Coastal Point brings to our readers the news they count on and the stories that make their day.

With an award-winning team of reporters, designers, editors, photographers and columnists, we bring you timely reporting on breaking news, clever and thought-provoking commentary on local happenings and life in general, striking imagery and creative advertising that lets you know what our local businesses have to offer.

But that's only part of our team. The other part is you. We at the Coastal Point count on you, our readers, to help keep us informed about what's going on in your lives, to let us know about that special event or your concerns about local government, and to keep us working hard to bring the best we have to offer to you every week, on the page and online.

Additionally, the Coastal Point has grown to include a number of other endeavors. Along with our annual “Homeplate” special section each August in honor of the Little League Softball World Series held in Roxana, and our ongoing series of special sections on our local towns, we now have our own app — Explore Coastal Delaware, available in the iTunes store and on Google Play for Android devices, as well as on a mobile-friendly website, at ExploreCoastalDelaware.com — offering information for locals and visitors alike, on the area’s shops, businesses and destinations, as well as some bargains when you shop local.

We also know how amazing a beach wedding can be, so we’ve added our own bridal magazine and accompanying website, Delaware Seaside Bride, in print and online at DelawareSeasideBride.com, to help you with planning all the big things and the little details, whether you live here or just want to celebrate one of the best days of your life on the Delaware coast.

We're pleased to have been welcomed so warmly and incorporated so thoroughly into your lives, and we hope you'll continue to pick up the Coastal Point each Friday — and read us online. And we hope you will also continue to let us know how we can serve you, our readers, even better in the future.

The Coastal Point can be reached at the following contact information:

P.O. Box 1324
Ocean View, DE 19970

(302) 539-1788
(302) 539-3777 [fax]

Editorial: darin.mccann@coastalpoint.com
Advertising: susan.lyons@coastalpoint.com
Production: shaun.lambert@coastalpoint.com



Susan Lyons


Susan has been in the newspaper business longer than she'd really like us to mention. She's lived in the Ocean View area for even longer, since she was born and raised here. But she's taken advantage of both of those legacies to the benefit of the Coastal Point, which she started with Editor Darin McCann and a group of investors in 2003.

Susan started in the newspaper business in 1984 as an advertising representative and has worked as an advertising manager, general manager and, now, publisher. Susan is also one of the Coastal Point’s star photographers, gracing the pages of numerous issues of The Point and our annual calendar with her scenic photos. She's been married 38 years to Andy Lyons, with whom she has three children, five granddaughters and two grandsons.

When not at the Coastal Point's home base or with Andy, Susan loves getting out from behind a desk to work with clients and do some photography. She can often be found outside, kayaking the area’s canals and bays, chasing her “cav-a-poo,” Skip, and toy Australian shepherd, Jake, and working on her secret garden. She is a member of the Barefoot Gardeners, Preceptor Omega and serves on the board of directors for the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association.

Susan has also been very active with the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, serving four different stints on its board of directors, and was named the 2008 Chamber Business Partner of the Year. A member of the Class of 1973, she was inducted into the Indian River High School Hall of Fame in 2012. She was also named one of Delaware Today magazine’s 33 top Women in Business in 2013.




Darin McCann

Executive Editor

Darin grew up in Washington, D.C., somehow managed to escape a life of petty delinquency and competitive sports, and studied journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia. He served in combat in the United States Marine Corps and was decorated for his efforts in the first Gulf War.

He has worked as a reporter and editor in California, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Maryland, Atlanta and various other locales. He's been a full-time editor since 1999, and, despite his roving ways, has been with the Coastal Point since the paper's inception in 2004. (Coincidentally, he has not been seen with hair since that very day.)

In addition to his editorial duties, Darin also pens a weekly column that expounds on such things as sports, pop culture and the imminent threat to humanity posed by a renegade Sussex County band of mutant raccoons led by the great and genuinely evil Leviathan. He’s been cited for his “digressions” with a number of awards from the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association (MDDC), whose editorial committee he serves upon.

In his free time, Darin enjoys sports, studying Roman, American and Irish history, and playing poker with a local group of players. He is married to the lovely and tolerant Jamie McCann, and is the doting father of the vivacious Miss Riley Lynn McCann, who is expected to take the world by storm as soon as she gets her driver’s license, in the year 2030. Darin also wastes a ton of energy chasing around their two dogs, Bailey and Guinness. (Bonus points if you can figure out where they got those names…)



Shaun M. Lambert

Technical Director

When the Coastal Point fields a team for the Exercise Like the Eskimos ocean splash on New Year’s Day, we do it with expertise. Team Coastal Point Captain Shaun Lambert is an Inuit Eskimo and Athasbascan Indian (Alaskan Native). He was born and raised in Alaska, and lived there for more than 22 years. He considers January ocean temperatures in Delaware to be “good summer swimming weather.”

Since moving to Delaware in 2001, Shaun has taken the graphic design skills he began accumulating in high school and employed them in the newspaper business, working for local weeklies until he joined Mission Coastal Point in January 2004 and developed the look of the Coastal Point in print and on the Internet. He has since earned multiple Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association (MDDC) awards for advertising design, page design and photography, as well as designing the Coastal Point’s website.

With a passion for computers and gadgets, Shaun is also the Coastal Point's in-house tech-support guy (with the magic Eskimo touch!), as well as occasional author of some of our technology columns.

Shaun is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan, and you can usually find him at various local establishments, catching the game on television.

In his free time (which is mostly in the wee hours of the morning), Shaun loves to play Texas Hold’em poker, listen to music, work on his “Hack’intosh” and play various video games.



M. Patricia Titus

Managing Editor

Tricia likes to tell people she was a journalism major in college. For a week. After growing up in Northern Virginia and working on all three of her high school publications, Tricia went off to the University of South Carolina, where she promptly changed her major from journalism to media arts so she could indulge her love of music and pursue her career goal of becoming a recording engineer and working with rockstars.

Many moons later, Tricia returned to journalism and her childhood vacation spot in Delaware, working as the copy editor and music columnist for local weekly newspapers before expanding into layout and editorial duties. Starting her first work on “hard news” when she joined the Coastal Point in 2004, she has become known for her municipal meeting coverage, attention to detail on regional issues such as beach replenishment and inability to write a story in fewer than 6 million words. At least a few of those words have earned her multiple awards from the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association (MDDC), for both reporting and column-writing (and even photography!).

When she’s not attending a meeting or writing a headline, Tricia is generally out and about with her son, who keeps her on her toes and fills her with joy, including during their frequent foodie outings. (He is “Calamari Man"!)

In her rotating list of hobbies are stained glass, jewelrymaking, watercolor and digital art, playing old-school Everquest, planning Disney vacations, a voracious reading habit and a deep love of music that has brought her back to the piano keyboard and her beloved 1989 Fender Strat Plus guitar after more than a decade with no finger calluses. (And she's working on a second generation of guitar players, with a gifted kid in training to become a game designer/rockstar.)

She has also achieved her earlier life goal of becoming a sound engineer, now running live sound for classic rock band Hooverville at venues throughout Delmarva.



Bob Bertram

Semi-Retired Santa

A self-described “angry old man” Bob has worked in graphic arts for more than four decades (yes, he is as old as he looks, maybe even older.) Since the first time he walked into a newspaper pressroom he's had a passion for the printed word and newspapers in particular.

What initially drew Bob to the Coastal Point was its small size and giant local viewpoint. What has kept him here is the people and their passion for what they do. That, and the Friday-night poker game. (No girls allowed.)

Simply put, Bob is our resident genius, coming up with unique and colorful ideas that have led to a stack of Maryland, Delaware, D.C. (MDDC) Press Association awards for advertising design that is tall enough to serve as a monitor stand. Well, perhaps we should now call him our “semi-resident” genius, since he technically resigned three years ago and keeps telling us he’s moving to California with his lovely wife, Maria, and is officially only a part-timer. Bob doesn't know if he's coming or going, and we here at the Point no longer believe anything he tells us.

For many years, readers tuned in each week to the staff box in our print edition as Editor Darin McCann crafted a new job title for Bob, who likely earned most — if not all — of the pointed jabs and at least as many of the accolades.


Tom Maglio

Graphic Designer

Tom Maglio, or “Tommy Boy,” as we like to refer to him around the office, hails from Annapolis, Md.

Tom is the Coastal Point's resident Pokemon Master. His love affair with Pokemon started when he was a wee lad of 7 (though, really, he’s still pretty wee), after having beaten everyone in his summer camp at the game, and as he says, "the rest is history."

Tom is a graduate of Salisbury University's School of Graphic Design, with an emphasis is silk screening and illustration. He was named the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association's Designer of the Year in 2015.

In his free time, Tom enjoys illustrating, playing racquet ball, being a fashionisto and living life in America’s Coolest Small Town 2014. He is also husband to the lovely Katy.

He’s happy to have joined the Coastal Point team in March of 2012, because now he can finally have an excuse to wear his Oxford shirts unbuttoned at the chest and go tanning at the beach on his lunch hour. Tom also enjoys cracking “jokes” that no one finds amusing, but the little guy just keeps on trying.



David Elliott

Graphic Designer

John David Elliott grew up in Laurel, Del.; about halfway between a Norman Rockwell painting and Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. He graduated from Laurel High School, then studied architecture at Virginia Tech, but David followed his bliss with an art degree, transferring after two years there to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art.

Since then, David has made a nearly 40-year career of working in aspects of the commercial graphic arts ranging from designer and printer of silkscreened posters to lithographic cameraman and darkroom operator (in Greensboro, N.C.) to department store fashion layout artist (in Dallas) to marketing firm model maker (in Chicago) to corporate-grade mechanical artist (in Boston) to newspaper graphics and advertising designer (in Dover and now Ocean View, Delaware).

He also has a background of extensive travel, having visited nearly 50 countries, on every continent except Antarctica. He has traveled the world, from designing ads in Ocean View to picking kiwis in Oceania. In South America, he found an alpaca sweater, which is the envy of the office. Out of this experience, he has self-published two illustrated books of travel writing, and generated a wealth of drawings and paintings. Those interested in such international imagery are invited to visit JohnDavidElliott.com.


Jane Meleady

Jane Meleady

Advertising Representative

Jane M. (or Meleady, as we’ve come to call her) is another new-old Coastal Point-er, as several of the staff have previously worked with her at other local newspapers. In fact, Jane has more than 44 years of experience in the newspaper business, in advertising sales, circulation and management in the Ocean City, Md., and Rehoboth Beach, Del., markets.

Jane is also a champion of the Coastal Point’s focus on all things local: Her family lives locally in Ocean View. She has many long-established business relationships in the communities in which she has worked. And, above all, Jane believes in the terms "community newspaper" and "great customer service." Sounds exactly like a Coastal Point staff member to us!

Jane grew up in Anne Arundel County, Md., on a farm called "Snow Hill," in a home built in 1770 by Charles Hammond (who also built the Hammond-Harwood House in Annapolis). She has been married for more than 44 years to Greg “Bubba” Meleady, her high-school sweetheart, whom many in the area know as a regular at the Indian River Inlet. The couple moved to the area in 1973 and, in 1976, purchased a home in Ocean View, where they still reside.

Bubba and Jane have one son, Garrett Meleady, who is a licensed RN and has his degree in criminal justice. From 5 years old, he grew up fishing with his dad and the gentlemen fishing group at the inlet, Jane noted. All the locals at the inlet know "Bubba" and his offspring. They sure know how to catch fish!

Jane's own interests range from genealogy of the Hammond and Shipley families of Anne Arundel County to collecting Blue Willow dishes. She also loves gardening and flowers, and her life is owned by a Jack Russell terrier named Jacqueline Onassis Russell and two cats who currently are like very misbehaved children.

Jane loves her work and her clients, and appreciates the part that the Coastal Point plays in the local community's daily lives.




Susan Mutz

Advertising Representative

There's just something magnetic about the Coastal Point. People who work here tend to return, even after they move away. Says something about the work environment, eh?

Susan — formerly Argo, now Mutz — is one such returnee. We lost her to big-city life in Baltimore, then to her hubby, John, but we won her back to the Coastal Point with our wit and charm. (OK, and the beach resort lifestyle that John liked, too, but who's counting?)

Susan has now been with the Coastal Point a collective nine years and is the reason you have to tell us which Susan you want to talk to when you call the Coastal Point. (Just don't call her "Mutzie.") She and John have two little boys and enjoy spending their free time by the water.



Emily Harne

Advertising Representative

Emily has been in the newspaper business literally since she was 2 weeks old, ensconced under her mother’s desk as Susan Lyons put together the local newspaper for that week.

While it might seem like a clear case of nepotism that Emily now works for the newspaper that her mother partly owns, in fact, she worked her way up to becoming a sales rep the hard way — first working in the automobile industry in sales, service and management for several years before finally taking the step to officially join the Coastal Point fold, and she’s proven to be a natural.

Nowadays, Emily is using her energy and enthusiasm to push the envelope on the Coastal Point’s digital advertising presence and our Explore Coastal Delaware app. And around the office we sometimes wonder if Susan Lyons has had herself replicated, since we keep hearing her voice from two different directions at once. (We’ll just make Emily start wearing a bell if that keeps up!)

In her free time, Emily and her husband, Curtis, have three children and enjoy going to the beach. She’s also fond of teaming up with her sister, Sarah, and beating Darin and Shaun at cornhole.


Jane Johnson


Jane Johnson has been with the Point for what seems like forever now. She comes with an extensive background in customer service. She is responsible for all of our classified and service directory ads, as well as for legal advertising and religious services, and has taken home Maryland, Delaware, D.C. (MDDC) Press Association awards for her work on the classifieds.


Maria Counts

Staff Reporter

A Sussex County native and a graduate of the Indian River School system, Maria attended the University of Delaware, where she received her bachelor’s degree in English literature, with a concentration in British Victorian poetry. While in college, she interned with both Jessica Kingsley Publishers in Philadelphia and the Coastal Point.

Having joined the staff in 2009, Maria enjoys covering all aspects of life in coastal Sussex, from local government to community happenings. She is also leading the team creating the Point’s new bridal website and magazine, Delaware Seaside Bride.

When not attending editorial or town council meetings, she spends her time studying ballet and singing with Schola Cantorum, a university choral ensemble that annually performs with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra.

Maria is an avid traveler and foodie, TEDTalk addict, crossword enthusiast and honorary Boy Scout.


Laura Walter

Staff Reporter

Laura Walter fell into reporting by accident when a Washington College classmate roped her into working on the school paper. By the time she graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in English and minor in art, Laura had experience as both a newspaper writer and editor of the academic journal.

That fall, we found her on the doorstep of the Coastal Point office and didn't have the heart to send her away, so Laura began reporting freelance. By spring of 2011, we got used to seeing her around the office, and Laura became a staff reporter.

Today, Laura lives the dream by covering her native Sussex County and Indian River School District. Past Coastal Point adventures include assisting a magician, stalking the governor (with his full knowledge) and winning several journalism awards from the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association (MDDC). She enjoys theater, cartoons, Zumba, a good library and a killer chocolate mousse.


Tripp Colonell

Staff Reporter

We can’t tell you what Tripp’s real name is. We think maybe he’s in witness protection, posing as a scruffy surfer dude/actor/sports reporter, but he says he’s the third of a kind, so we just decided to call him Tripp. (Yes — it was too good of a reference not to call his weekly sports column “Tripple Overtime.”)

Tripp joined the Coastal Point in August of 2013 as our official sports writer after a short freelance stint covering the Little League Softball World Series. Despite blaming daylight-saving time when he arrived an hour late for his follow-up interview at the Coastal Point, Tripp somehow landed the position on the promise that he would start wearing a watch and acknowledge that no one “falls back” in the middle of July.

The hire turned out to be “the best decision the Coastal Point has ever made,” (according to Tripp), as he landed two MDDC awards during his rookie year that he has yet to stop talking about. Maybe the only thing Tripp likes more than his MDDC awards is his “Tripple Overtime” column in the sports section, which has yet to sell any signed “limited editions” at the “buy it now” price on eBay, despite his many attempts.

According to Jane Johnson, Tripp is responsible for “the greatest cutline ever written by any sports writer, ever,” and is rarely late in turning in his weekly timesheet. Tripp does not disagree with her on either of those claims.

Originally from Baltimore, Tripp is glad to be free of I-695 traffic and white-collar suburbia and to now call Sussex County home. He is also working on his burgeoning acting career, including the upcoming release "Lock."




Kerin Magill

Staff Reporter

Kerin was born in Baltimore, Md., and moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland at the age of 10. After moving to Ohio in high school and then pursuing a journalism degree at Ohio University, she moved back to the Shore for a job at the Delaware State News. There, she met her future husband, Eric. They moved to West Chester, Pa., where they both worked at the Daily Local News.

Following the “dream” of owning their own newspaper, they bought the Oxford Tribune, a tiny weekly paper in southeastern Pennsylvania, just as the local economy tanked. After a couple years of “small-town journalism,” which included exposing shenanigans in local government, as well as delivering the paper door-to-door, they sold the paper while they still had the shirts on their backs.

Kerin and Eric moved to southeastern Sussex County, where Eric had grown up. “You’ll like it,” he said. “They have grocery stores now.” Kerin continued working for small local papers before her career took a back seat for a few years to raising their children, Kelsey and Nate. During that time, she enjoyed volunteering at her church and at her kids’ schools — particularly coaching Kelsey’s Odyssey of the Mind teams at Sussex Academy for three years.

She is quite happy to be back at it again at the Coastal Point.



R. Chris Clark

Staff Photographer

With a degree in hotel and restaurant management, eight years of experience in financial services and a stint owning the iLand ArT gaLLerY in Fenwick Island, photographer Chris Clark should make a lot more money, but, hey, there’s a sucker born every minute, right?

Seriously, though, Chris comes to the Coastal Point with lots of experience and a can-do attitude.

Whether it's being shot out of a cannon at Punkin Chunkin in Bridgeville or shooting the Fenwick Freeze from inside (and underneath) the water, Chris does what it takes to get the photo. Known for his quirky sense of humor and painting skills, he is also a world traveler, lifelong surfer and loves playing in the dirt with the Barefoot Gardeners Club. When not behind the camera, you can usually find Chris out in the ocean trying to catch the perfect wave.

Chris doesn’t mind the volunteer work at Coastal Point: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”



Brandi Mellinger

New Media Coordinator

Brandi is yet another new-old face around the Coastal Point office. She has worked with at least five Point staff members, and we all still liked her well enough to invite her on the ferry to our “Island of Misfit Toys.” Basically, Brandi’s family, and we welcomed her and her mini-ark of fuzzy friends as she joined us in 2015 to handle that newfangled stuff the kids call “social media.”

Brandi has worked for a number of local newspapers as both editor and assistant editor, as well as serving up some mighty fine drinks at some of Ocean City’s better taverns. Herself a breast cancer survivor, in 2011, Brandi founded the Pink Ribbon Pinups (pinkribbonpinups.org) to raise money for friends in need — specifically those battling cancer — with the aim of extracting all the stereotypical characteristics of breast cancer groups and instead, tossing in elements that are fun, cool and {gasp!} trendy. Her goal is to educate young women about the disease and help them realize that they, like their mothers and grandmothers, are at risk. (You can find more of Brandi’s story here.)

Brandi is currently training to work in veterinary medicine but is a part-time Pointie as she helps connect us with audiences online, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. She also has her own business, Love Letters, creating custom mugs, signs and other decorative pieces using elegant handwriting that puts us all to shame.



Ryan Saxton

Staff Reporter Emeritus

Ryan joined the Coastal Point in 2006, shortly after his graduation from the University of North Carolina, and promptly slipped into our vacant reporter spot like a foot into an old slipper.

Currently, Ryan is on hiatus, demonstrating his continued prowess in the kitchen and enjoying the sunshine, waves and the good people of Byron Bay, Australia. He keeps telling us he'll be bringing two of them home with him soon, as he and the woman who puts a smile on his face, Kirally, head into the future with a ginger-haired bi-lingual (Aussie counts as a second language, right?) baby Lola Saxton (unofficially known as the cutest baby ever!).

While he might be having fun abroad, those who leave the Coastal Point never truly leave the Coastal Point. Just ask Susan Mutz!