Editorial — Citizens must be involved for process to work

Date Published: 
Dec. 15, 2017

Voting is powerful.

A vote does not have color or gender or religion or economic status tied to it, but it does have strength. A single vote can tip an election, send a message or simply give personal satisfaction that one’s voice is being heard.

All too often, we take our votes for granted. We trust that other people will do what’s right, or we consider ourselves not knowledgeable about the issues or we simply can’t find the time to get to the voting booth and cast our ballots. It’s sad, really, when one considers the sacrifices made by others so that we do have a say in the way our government works.

The Town of Frankford will be holding its annual election on Saturday, Feb. 3, and there will be three seats up for grabs — currently held by Skip Ash, Pam Davis and Marty Presley. While Ash and Davis are expected to run, Presley has stated he would not be running for reelection, as his family is considering moving out of town.

We not only ask the citizens of Frankford to get out and vote in February, but we also ask that they consider running for council. While there is no problem with Ash and Davis returning to their respective seats, it would be nice to see the people of Frankford vote on at least Presley’s seat, as opposed to waiting on Council to pick who they prefer to serve with them.

Elections should be sacred, particularly on the local level.