Letters to the Editor — Dec. 22, 2017

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Dec. 22, 2017

Reader losing optimism on nation’s future


As the Republicans’ loyalty to their Big Donor demands, rather than to the needs of their constituents, becomes increasingly apparent, even the good people of deep-red Alabama have come to vote in their own best interests. Democrat Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama senate race is a hopeful sign.

Not that the Democrats aren’t corporately corrupted as well. It’s just that they aren’t as totally and blatantly wedded to trickle-down fantasies as the Republicans. There’s some room in the Democratic tent for economic and social justice to make headway.

The elephant in the room remains the bloody military budget. In 1967, in his Riverside Church speech, Martin Luther King spelled it out: “We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

Here we are, 50 years on, with a military budget more bloated than ever, waging endless war and suffering around the globe. Unless we can end this fear-driven profligacy, efforts to create a more just and perfect union will be cut off at the knees.

Michael Lawton

Ocean View

Millville thankful for support of many


On behalf of the Town of Millville, we want to thank all those who assisted in making the 5th Annual Millville Holiday Market on Saturday, Dec. 9, such a success. Despite the cold, snowy weather, the Town was totally overjoyed by the massive crowd, seeing so many shoppers and vendors with huge smiles on their faces!

It was our goal to have a fun-filled day for the customers and provide them with a wide variety of gifts for the holiday season, to provide the vendors an opportunity to sell their wares at no cost to them, and to showcase what Millville can offer through our very supportive business owners. It worked!

First and foremost, I want to thank the mayor and council of the Town of Millville for supporting this event. A big thanks go to our local businesses who all donated baskets and items from their businesses, no questions asked, to go toward the gift basket raffle giveaway: All About U Salon, Banks Wines & Spirits, Bonkey’s Ice Cream & Snowballs, Delaware Provision South, Giant Food in Millville, Hooked Up Restaurant & Raw Bar, Lord’s Landscaping, Miller’s Creek, Millville Pet Stop, Patti’s Hallmark Shop, Perucci’s Classic Italian Restaurant, Reflections Antiques, Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery and Turning Pages Book Lounge.

Thanks to our Millville food vendor, Doric Lodge #30, and all of the guys who stood out in the cold to serve up some hot food. And, finally, a big thanks goes to the Delaware State Police for having a trooper present to make sure safety was covered for pedestrians crossing the street from one market to another.

Words really can’t describe how grateful the Town of Millville is for the assistance of our Millville Volunteer Group. The following individuals worked during the event: Brenda Fegelein, Maggie King, Trudi Lombardi and Susan Brewer; we couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks to Anna Scarola, who helped run the gift basket raffle table; and to Eric Evans, the Town’s code and building official, who helped with opening up, clearing the snow, support for vendors, set-up and tear-down.

A special thanks to the Millville United Methodist Church for their continued support and helping with providing an additional location for the market. All of their assistance and cooperation helped in making this major community event run smoothly, and enhanced the experience of many, many visitors.

Finally, we are so appreciative of all of you who took the time to join us for our annual market. We appreciate your ongoing support, and hope you enjoyed the 5th Annual Millville Holiday Market. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Debbie Botchie, Town Manager

Matt Amerling, Town Clerk

Town of Millville