Millsboro woman wins big on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

Date Published: 
Jan. 12, 2018

Coastal Point • Submitted: Cassie Winebrake dressed up in a sumo wrestler costume on the show ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’Coastal Point • Submitted: Cassie Winebrake dressed up in a sumo wrestler costume on the show ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’Cassie Winebrake may not have been recognizable — what with the sumo wrestler costume and all — but her recent appearance on the television gameshow “Let’s Make a Deal” had friends and relatives cheering her on.

Millsboro resident Winebrake, 24, was visiting California in mid-August 2017 with her best friend, Dayana Monge Zamora, when the two decided to attend a taping of the show, she said. Winebrake and her fiancé, Mark Gardner, watch “Let’s Make a Deal” regularly.

“We always watch, and we’re like, ‘What would we do?’ in the various game situations on the show, Winebrake said.

A student at Delaware Technical Community College’s Dover campus and a server at Irish Eyes’ Milton location, Winebrake said she and Zamora decided to fly to California in August to visit a friend, and when they realized “Let’s Make a Deal” was filmed about an hour away from where they were staying, decided to try to get audience tickets.

When their ride to the taping didn’t pan out, Winebrake and Zamora almost decided not to go, but then, she said, “We figured, we’re not going to come back to California any time soon,” so they found a way to get to the show.

During the pre-show process, which Winebrake said takes about an hour — “but they make it really fun” — audience members are divided into groups and spend some time telling the group about themselves. There are also costumes available to rent.

Costumed audience members are part of the “Let’s Make a Deal” tradition, and Winebrake and Zamora had prepared by ordering sumo wrestler costumes for themselves. Winebrake’s, however, didn’t arrive in time, so she rented a lion costume. But she ended up wearing Zamora’s sumo costume, and her friend dressed in the lion costume.

When Winebrake heard her name called as a participant, she said, her reaction was, “Oh, my god — I’m dreaming right now!” The game she participated in involved choices between a monetary prize and an unknown prize. Based on clues in game, Winebrake said, “I kind of knew the prize was going to be a car.”

The other contestant pressed the button for the monetary prize before Winebrake did, she said, because Winebrake had decided to hold out for a car. Before the game was over, the other contestant had picked a “fake car,” and Winebrake ended up winning, as they say on the show, “A BRAND NEW CAR!”

She won a 2017 Chevrolet Spark, to be exact. The student and restaurant employee is also starting an internship at Delaware Turf in Frederica, and she said the new car — a compact that gets more than 40 mpg — is very welcome in her life.

“My car is on its last legs, and I couldn’t be more grateful” for the new car, Winebrake said. She expects to receive the car in the next week or so, and when she does, it will be the same color as her current 11-year-old Chevrolet Cobalt — purple.

Winebrake was initially told that her appearance would air in March, but the air time was recently moved up to Tuesday, Jan. 9. She said she’s glad the show aired early, because “I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what I won ’til the air date.”

Although Winebrake wasn’t able to watch the airing of the show, relatives taped it for her. Even without the recording, she said she’ll never forget her experience on the game show.

“It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said.