The Story of Millsboro

We present to you … Millsboro

Point of No Return

Much like the town of Millsboro itself, this publication was created and crafted out of a love for a community that has a rich tradition, and a seemingly bright future.

Where is Millsboro today?

Downtown Millsboro as it is today.

Today, Millsboro’s remaining mills are that in name only. The bustling little town of yesteryear has become a major hub of action by “Slower Lower Delaware” standards, and certainly by traffic patterns.

A look at Millsboro's roots

Millsboro Postcard bridge.jpg

Millsboro Pond is the dammed-up headwaters of the Indian River,” explained Richard Carter, chairman of the Delaware Heritage Commission, and lifelong Millsboro resident.

Millsboro looks to a future of growth

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The future of Millsboro is in the eye of the beholder. Just like beauty, it all depends on who you ask.